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Welcome to the web page of the Croatian State Electoral Commission!

On this web page, you can find some general information about  the State Electoral Commission of the Republic of Croatia, information on ongoing and past elections and referenda, information on supervision of political activities financing, supervision of electoral campaign financing and supervision of referenda activities financing, as well as related legislation. Information on past elections can be found under Archive.

The State Electoral Commission of the Republic of Croatia (Commission) was established in 2007 as a permanent and independent state authority. Prior to 2007 it was an ad hoc authority. The Commission has a president who is the President of the Supreme Court, two Vice-Presidents who are Supreme Court Justices and two Vice-Presidents and four Members appointed by the Croatian Parliament. More information can be found here 

The seat of the Commission is in the center of Zagreb in Visoka ulica 15 in the Upper Town.  More information on the location and contacts can be found here 

Commission Competences are regulated by the Act on the State Electoral Commission of the Republic of Croatia as well as by acts regulating particular elections and referenda: Act on Election of the President of the Republic of Croatia, Act on Election of Representatives to the Croatian Parliament,  Act on Election of Members of the European Parliament form the Republic of Croatia,  Act on Elections of National Minority Councils and Representatives, Local Elections Act and Act on Referendum and Other Forms of Personal

Involvement in Performance of State Governance and Local and Regional Self-Governance. Pursuant to the Political Activities,  Election Campaign and Referenda Financing Act, the Commission’s competences include also the  supervision of political activities financing of political parties, independent Member of the Croatian Parliament as well as independent councilors,  supervision of electoral campaign financing of election participants as well as supervision of referenda activities financing.

More details can be found here  

The Commission has an Expert Service with three departments Commission Secretariat, Department for Preparation and Conduct of Elections and Referenda and Department for Financing Supervision.  More details can be found here  

For all further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or post. We shall be glad to answer you and provide you with all necessary information.