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Education of young voters “My vote counts too!”

Besides its primary role to conduct elections, State Electoral Commission of the Republic of Croatia (hereinafter: SEC Croatia) conducts other activities proscribed by law. The activity of informing and educating voters is considered essential for raising public awareness and fairness and transparency of the election.

When it comes to approaching young voters, SEC Croatia has outlined their education as crucial. Therefore, SEC Croatia created the project called "I moj glas je bitan! "meaning “My vote counts, too!”.

The project is aimed at high school graduates who are about to turn 18 and become first-time voters. According to Croatian law, no preelection registration is needed. All voters turning 18 are automatically enlisted in the voters' register and all they have to do is to vote. Further on, voting is not mandatory and there are no restrictions prescribed for voters who don't cast a ballot.

The purpose of this project is to introduce these first-time voters to basic electoral terms, voting process and electoral process in general, so they can learn how to participate in the elections actively: as voters, as candidates, as members of the election committees and as observers.

Representatives of SEC Croatia visit various types of high schools and educate students within their classes. Also, online education is provided when needed.
Further on, SEC Croatia created a related webinar and published it on its website. High school teachers may freely use this webinar to educate students on class, as well as all other young voters or interested parties may freely access the webinar and learn something about the elections and election rights. After webinar, participants may check their knowledge in a related quiz and fill a related survey published on SEC Croatia website.

By educating young voters, SEC Croatia intends to increase their awareness and encourage them to participate in elections and in civic engagement in general.
Short information about the project, the corresponding webinar, short quiz and survey are available in Croatian at the SEC web page. Further information can be obtained at