Towards 2019 elections

Here are the frequently asked questions relating to the 2019 elections prepared by the State Electoral Commission: Words and terms in this section having gender meaning apply equally to female and male, no matter in which gender they are stated.     

  • Act on the Elections of Members of Parliament from the Republic of Croatia to the European Parliament (Official Gazette Nos. 92/10, 23/13 and 143/13),
  • Act on Election of the President of the Republic of Croatia (Official Gazette Nos.22/92, 42/92, 71/97, 69/04, 99/04, 44/06, 24/11 and 128/14),
  • Act on Election of Members of Representatives Bodies of Units of Local and Regional Self-government (Official Gazette Nos.33/01, 10/02, 155/02, 45/03, 43/04, 40/05, 44/05, 109/07 and 24/11) in force pursuant to Article 136 of the Local Elections Act (Official Gazette Nos.144/12 and 121/16),
  • Constitutional Act on the National Minorities Rights (Official Gazette Nos.155/02, 47/10, 80/10 and 93/11), and
  • Electoral Register Act (Official Gazette Nos.144/12 and 105/15).