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Pursuant to the Political Activity, Election Campaign and Referenda Financing Act (hereinafter: Financing Act), the State Electoral Commission of the Republic of Croatia supervises financing of election campaign in elections of representatives to the Croatian Parliament, elections for the President of the Republic of Croatia, elections of members to the European Parliament from the Republic of Croatia and local elections (hereinafter: election campaign financing supervision).
The State Electoral Commission supervises compliance with provisions of the Financing Act with regard to election campaigns, financial accounts pertaining to the financing of election campaigns, collection of donations, election campaign costs, reporting on the election campaigns financing as well as other activities relating to the financing of election campaigns of political parties, independent list and lists of a group of voters and candidates. The financial reports of supervised election participants are being entered into the Financial Control Information System and published at the Commission web page.
The reports of the State Electoral Commission on concluded supervision are also being published at the web site of the Commission.
The Financing Act regulates, among other provisions, sources of financing, limitations of costs and donations, obligations regarding separate account, obligations of submitting financial reports as well as misdemeanours provisions and administrative sanctions for breaches of the provisions of the Financing Act.